Mexico Lightning BTC Payment Gateway

Lightning node at running c-lightning implementation.

Q: What are the fees Dynet charges for this service?

A: There are no fees for this service nor will there ever be!

Q: What are the fees the lightning network charges to route my payment?

A: The fees the lightning network charges has been described as unfairly cheap.
The Dynet lightning node charges nothing (zero) for connected nodes, and 1 satoshi for through-routing.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can send?

A: There currently is a 4 million satoshi limit for transactions across the lightning network. There is also a 16 million satoshi limit for some payment channels. These are "soft" limits that are temporarily set on some node software which means we must live with them for the time being. If you want to send more, you can do so by sending multiple transactions or opening multiple channels.

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